The Presidential Debate: Quintessential Dominator Meets Quintessential Relator

This is what I heard and read after the debates: “Thug meets Wimp. Thug wins. Man up, Wimp.”

In that debate Romney and Obama acted out with almost comical extremism two competing ways that we can understand our world.

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Mothers Day

I used to call it Slave Day.

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What do electoral politics have to do with democracy?

People who disagreed would cite very close elections and say, “Look. Every vote counts.” I never doubted that. But what does every vote count for?

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Sister Antonia and Jose

Sr. Anonia

In November, I got an email from an old classmate at Marycrest High School in Denver. She wrote:

I don’t know if you were at MHS when Sr. Antonia was teaching. We older classes had her for English and journalism. She was involved in a car accident last week and succumbed to her injuries over the weekend.

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The Politics of Rage - 45 Years Later

A few of us who were active in the years around 1967 will talk about what we were trying to do then and what we have learned since. What does a life committed to radical change look like? How do we act effectively today? What about the politics of rage and the turn to violence?

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October 15, 2011

This movement is a living thing, resilient, self-organizing, connected globally at the individual level. It is clear that we know what we are doing, and we do have a message. We have named the problem, and we are taking up our power to work on it.

We have woken up. We have thrown off paralysis and hypnosis and gathered in public squares everywhere to tell the truth.

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The Terrorism of War

On September 1st, I sat on a panel of four former terrorists who had renounced violence. Each of us talked about acting out in ideology, rage, and alienation, and of coming to see clearly the deadly outcomes of our actions.

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Warren Buffet, the Super-Rich, and Survival

In the colonies where the fast paced organisms dominate, they eventually poison the environment and the whole colony dies. It turns out that pure selfishness is only a successful strategy in the short run.

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